M3 Systems

M3 Systems
The M3 Systems Company is a Simplified Joint Stock Company created in 1999, owned at 100% by the MISTRAL Group. The MISTRAL Group is an SME, the total headcount being 45 employees. The company direction is done by Marc POLLINA (CEO) with Olivier DESENGANS (Deputy Director). The CFO is Patricia HOURQUET and the Technical Teams are organized in 3 Business Units: • Radio-Navigation Studies, led by Nabil JARDAK, • Test & Measures, led by Patrice NOUVEL, • Receivers and Embedded Systems, led by Pascal VARNIOL. Since its creation, the M3 Systems Company has developed its expertise in 3 domains: • Critical geolocation and Signal Processing (GNSS) • Software Defined Radio development (SDR) • Definition and study of innovative concepts in the Air Traffic Control (ATM) The M3 Systems Company sells two family of products: • E-trackair that is a positioning solution for airport vehicles (Bordeaux, Toulouse) • Stella NGC that is a simulation and Record/Replay solution for the GNSS signal, to institutions and industrial willing to develop or integrate GNSS receivers

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Pascal Varniol

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