New Date!!! Advanced Concept for Chip-Scale Atomic Clocks

Start date: 18/10/2023 14:00

End date: 18/10/2023 15:30

Register for the Final Presentation of the NAVISP EL1 032 Project: " Advanced Concept for Chip-Scale Atomic Clocks"

The webinar (originally planned for OCT 04) had to be rescheduled due to internal technical issues. Please find the updated invitation below. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and are taking measures to ensure such issues do not recur. We are looking forward to your participation in the upcoming webinar!

With the growing demand for low-power portable timing sources for a wide spectrum of applications and the flourishing developments in quantum technologies, the objective of this activity was to review and demonstrate the performance of novel concepts for Chip-Scale Atomic Clocks (CSAC). Collaboratively, the Laboratoire Temps-Fréquence at the Université de Neuchâtel (CH) and the Microwave and Antenna Group at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (CH) have investigated a new CSAC concept based on double resonance spectroscopy in a micro-machined Rb vapuor cell with an innovative loop-gap microwave resonator.

A breadboard of the Physics Package, comprising a laser head with power level monitoring, a micro-machined Rb cell, a tuning-free loop-gap resonator, and an oven with a magnetic shield, has been designed, fabricated, and integrated. Tests conducted with laboratory electronics have demonstrated performance levels in line with the baseline requirements and very close to the target requirements. A detailed noise budget has been established, identifying the clock detection noise as major contributors to the short-term frequency stability limit, and the frequency light-shift effect as the main contributor to the long-term frequency stability limit. A plan for full development has been provided, together with a proposed new clock scheme for further performance improvement.

EL1-032 “Advanced Concept for Chip-Scale Atomic Clocks" was funded by NAVISP Element 1, which is dedicated to technology innovation of the European industry in the wide PNT sector.

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