NAVISP GNSS Software Receivers Ready for New Space

A key for New Space technologies is flexibility and affordability. This fits very well with the use of GNSS software receivers on space missions. The Polish company GMV INNOVATING SOLUTIONS SP. Z O.O started developing this technology 10 years ago and now, with the support of two NAVISP Element 2 projects, is getting ready to put their developments in orbit. First application will be on Spanish microlauncher Miura 1, planned to set off by mid 2022. The second opportunity will be on-board the Danish microsatellite GOMX-5, to be launched to Low Earth Orbit by late 2022. This satellite is now undergoing tests at ESA Technology Centre (ESTEC) till mid October. The development of the GNSS software receivers for those missions was supported under NAVISP projects EL2-022 and EL2-064 respectively.
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