Status: On Going

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL2-072

Start date: 18/01/2020

Duration: 26 Months

DETECTRION is an Interference detection oriented GNSS RF Recording and Playback System able to operate in an autonomous and reliable manner in response to interferences by detecting them and recording a pre-programmed set of GNSS bands upon these events. DETECTRION is a market innovation, since currently there are no standalone products that integrate all features foreseen in this project. DETECTRION continuously monitors the GNSS RF bands for interferences and reports the detected interferences and its characteristics to the user or to a remote site according to the programmed severity criteria. In case of interference detection, DETECTRION can record the digitized multi-band GNSS RF stream to allow further analysis, event detection and, if necessary, later playback of all GNSS RF bands. The playback allows the user to start the replay operation at any arbitrary point in the recorded file. This feature combined with the event marker, which allows the user to manually insert thresholds for automatic marking of interferences and events on the streamed data, are a powerful toolset to analyse the systems’ response to real-life events.

Prime contractor



Country: Switzerland

Website: http://www.saphyrion.ch/

Last Updated: 03/02/2023 09:05