086 - G3PSTAR

086 - G3PSTAR

Status: On Going

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL2-086

Start date: 01/12/2020

Duration: 18 Months

This project will continue the Space GNSS Receiver maturation, but in this case, it will be done by DEIMOS in collaboration with University of Padua that will provide their P2OD SW. Also, with the advent of the availability of a new open service from Galileo, the High Accuracy Service (HAS), our proposal is to make use of E6-B signal to provide the precise corrections for PPP on-board. As additional motivation, DEIMOS has now an IOD opportunity by producing a GNSS Receiver Flight Model to be used as payload into GOMX-5 mission.

Prime contractor

Deimos Engenharia

Name: Deimos Engenharia

Country: Portugal

Website: https://elecnor-deimos.com/


University of Padua

Name: University of Padua

Country: Italy

Website: https://www.unipd.it/

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