005 - SY10x7A8 qualification

005 - SY10x7A8 qualification

Status: On Going

Activity Code: NAVISP-El2-005

Start date: 01/02/2018

Duration: 15 Months

To address higher requirements from customers, Saphyrion has developed, through an internal project the SY1007A and SY1017A devices, which consist of an RF front-end and an AD/DA-converter ASIC for GNSS applications. The SY1007A is a radiation hardened L-band RF down-converter for GNSS receivers aimed at the professional and space markets. It includes all functional blocks needed to implement the complete RF front-end of multiband GNSS receivers.

The SY1017A is a radiation hardened AD/DA-converter and interface ASIC for GNSS receivers aimed at aerospace applications. It is synergistically designed to operate together with the SY1007A GNSS RF front-ends and its purpose is to interface these two devices to a GNSS base-band processor (e.g. AGGA-4). Those chips are the evolution version of current SY1007/SY1017C ASICs, which are radiation tolerant ASICs qualified to ESA ESCC9000 and are currently used in ESA missions SWARM, EARTH-CARE, SENTINEL-1A, 2A and 3A. These devices are entirely designed, qualified and sold by Saphyrion, who acts as a fabless company. The SY10x7 ASICs are off-the-shelf components, available either as engineering models (EM) and flight models (FM). They interface directly to the AGGA-4 GNSS base-band processing units.

The aim of this project is to develop the next steps for product finalization, in particular non-recurring developments such as assembly, production screening setup and ESCC9000 qualification for the new SY1007A and SY1017A devices.

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Country: Switzerland

Website: http://www.saphyrion.ch/

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