079 - GOOSE-NavIC

079 - GOOSE-NavIC

Status: Completed

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL2-079

Start date: 03/01/2022

Multi-Constellation GNSS Receiver GOOSE© including Indian Satellite Navigation System Extension NavIC. 
Within the GOOSE-NavIC project a combined GNSS L-/S-Band antenna and a GOOSE© S-Band extension will  be developed. The GOOSE© receiver will be upgraded by the combined processing of NavIC on GNSS L5 and S-Band . The frontend of the GOOSE© receiver will be redesigned and extended by one frequency band, tuneable to the S-Band. Additionally the frontend will be equipped with a pre-processing FPGA for anti-jamming filters. This is useful for S-Band signals, where a lot of interference is present, and also for the standard GNSS signal bands to make the receiver more robust against intentional interference.
With GOOSE-NavIC a NavIC performance demonstrator will be developed to approach the NavIC market.

Prime contractor

TeleOrbit GmbH

Name: TeleOrbit GmbH

Country: Germany

Website: https://teleorbit.eu/en/

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