101 - MEDEA

101 - MEDEA

Status: Completed

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL2-101

Start date: 15/03/2022

Today any safety critical application needs to improve its position and navigation performance in terms of integrity and resilience to disturbs. 

MEDEA project target is the development of an “applique” antenna equipment suitable for commercial and professional GNSS receiver to be adopted by users providing additional integrity to PNT solution being able to detect and mitigate potential interference and spoofing attacks. 

MEDEA concept design basically includes the radiator array, the antenna front-end and control electronics, kinematic sensors and communication interface. The main characteristics consist of large operative bandwidth, interference detection and DOA, embedded GNSS integrity functions.

It will make use of digital beam forming at L1/E1, where it will be able to mitigate interfering signal through its array adaptive pattern properties. Multipath and/or out-of-band signals will be managed by a careful choice of the array radiating element.

The proposed development, characterized by compact size and optimized production cost, will be addressed to meet maritime specifications.


Prime contractor


Name: ST4I

Country: Italy

Website: https://st4in.com/


RadioPoints srl

Name: RadioPoints srl

Country: Italy

Website: https://www.radiopoints.it/

Consortium ULISSE

Name: Consortium ULISSE

Country: Italy

Website: http://consorzioulisse.it/it/


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