137 - FREEP - Find fee parking in the city

137 - FREEP - Find fee parking in the city

Status: On Going

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL2-137

Start date: 28/09/2022

Duration: 9 Months

In the era of interconnected cars, big data, freely available geolocation services and smartphones with 24/7 Internet access in every pocket, searching for vacant parking spaces in overcrowded cities wastes drivers time, increases traffic congestion, fuel consumption, air pollution and leads to drivers anxiety and frustration. Increasing the number of parking spots is not a solution in developed cities. It is often not even physically possible without extreme rebuilding costs. Optimisation of vehicle flow and parking space retention is required instead. FREEP introduces into the market a new, disruptive product: crowdsourced, GNSS Galileobased, dynamic vacant car parking spaces guidance system within Positioning Navigation and Timing (PNT) user segment. The proposed product consists of drivers’ mobile application and a backend services to be integrated by third-party companies within already existing solutions (e.g. parking operators applications, Google Maps etc.). It will enable users to search and guide for a vacant parking spot based on crowdsourced data in a given area of drivers interest and report in real-time parking spots availability directly by drivers themselves based on changes in the geolocation of a vehicle and proximity analysis of the nearest parking space registered in the database.

Prime contractor

ITTI sp. z o.o.

Name: ITTI sp. z o.o.

Country: Poland

Website: http://www.itti.com.pl

Last Updated: 17/11/2022 08:49