142 - VOLIERA Phase 2 -  Video Odometry with Lidar and EGNSS for ERTMS Applications

142 - VOLIERA Phase 2 - Video Odometry with Lidar and EGNSS for ERTMS Applications

Status: On Going

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL2-142

Start date: 25/05/2023

Duration: 30 Months

The Voliera (overall) project has been conceived to develop a stand-alone localization platform independent from the current on-board subsystem with the aim to minimize the wayside components linked to the localization. 
Voliera project foresees different  phases by following an engineering development.
In the phase 2 there are 2 main goals:
-develop the tools needed to verify the properties of the sensor for certification purpose.. 
-HW platform design for on-line computation of the proposed functionalities and the algorithm development to work on-line on the defined platform.
Four different prototypes, to be integrated in a unique platform, will be arranged, each of them referred to the functionalities to be achieved:
• Enhanced odometry IMU based
• Enhanced odometry Visual based;
• 3D localization information;
• Track Discrimination information.
Based on the proper selection of HW equipment and developing  suitable algorithm for real-time computation, Voliera system will be applied in non-vital applications and a test campaign will be performed to verify the applicability of the defined solution.

Prime contractor

Hitachi Rail STS

Name: Hitachi Rail STS

Country: Italy

Website: https://www.hitachirail.com


Radiolabs Consortium

Name: Radiolabs Consortium

Country: Italy

Website: https://www.radiolabs.it

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