156 - NAV4Future Mobility

156 - NAV4Future Mobility

Status: On Going

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL2-156

Start date: 01/11/2023

Duration: 18 Months

The Nav4FutureMobility project aims at taking advantage of the commercial opportunity arising from the new legal framework in Germany (Level-4 Law, enacted in 2022), where Level 4 automation can become viable (for the first time) within specific operational design domains (designated operating areas) if a remote supervising entity is monitoring the operation in real-time. This project focuses on the development of a “technical supervision service”, which is based on the ability to reliably estimate the current navigation performance at the location of a given vehicle in real-time. To achieve this goal, the consortium will implement a robust positioning and navigation performance monitoring engine to increase and supervise the accuracy, integrity, availability, and robustness of the PNT solution, also including simulated LEO-positioning satellite data. A corresponding Outline Proposal has been submitted (IDEA: I-2023-00205)

Prime contractor

DiMOS Operations GmbH

Name: DiMOS Operations GmbH

Country: Germany

Website: https://dimos-ops.com/


ANavS GmbH

Name: ANavS GmbH

Country: Germany

Website: https://anavs.de/

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