010 - PNT-CRC

010 - PNT-CRC

Status: Completed

Activity Code: NAVISP-El2-010

Start date: 16/04/2018

The goal of this project is to develop a National PNT Cyber Response Center (CRC) capable to store, search and distribute all services for vulnerability, threats and mitigations of GNSS. The CRC will include both technology and application specific threats, as well as real time location-based threats observed in the territory for context awareness and emergency warning.

The CRC will provide to industries a GNSS vulnerability assessments service as well as mitigation solutions to enhance robustness of GNSS receivers.

The cyber response center is composed of the following key elements: 
• IT infrastructure: a central physical infrastructure storing in a database all the vulnerabilities and mitigations. It comprises all the information technology security needed for the protection of information. 
• Laboratories and control room and equipment: a number of laboratories and a control room, connected to the infrastructure, which populate vulnerabilities and solutions. 
• Personnel: a network of experts in PNT technologies and applications.
• Customers: they include most of the industries in the supply chain of GNSS, service providers and government agencies.

Prime contractor


Name: Qascom

Country: Italy

Website: https://www.qascom.it/

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