031 - AGBP

031 - AGBP

Status: Completed

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL2-031

Start date: 16/03/2019

Accucom will develop a ‘Ground Based’ Positioning system, enabling 'Navigation Anywhere', with guaranteed accuracy, unaffected by atmosphere, in the fractions of metres. This will be achieved through a low-cost stand-alone Ground Infrastructure, and a mobile radio ranging system using trilateration to calculate a position.
This Development stage, estimated at 1 year, will consist of proving the ranging accuracy, developing the Fixed Node to a pre-production stage, and creating a demonstrator Mobile Node. Trials will be conducted on:
• The radio sensitivity – range and accuracy
• Static Position Accuracy
• Speed of position resolution
• Mobile Accuracy

Prime contractor

Accucom Ltd

Name: Accucom Ltd

Country: United Kingdom


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