045 - Dual-Sat

045 - Dual-Sat

Status: Completed

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL2-045

Start date: 26/04/2019

Hertz DualSat is a dual GALILEO/GPS system dedicated for monitoring of vehicles and persons (dedicated module), enhanced by Position Jitter Elimination Algorithm – solution, increasing reliability, integrity and continuity of positioning in difficult conditions (waves reflection environment i.e. high buildings, forests). The system will take into consideration emerging market needs related to the use of Galileo and enable citizens to benefit from more precise positioning provided by the European satellite navigation system.
The system will consist of the following elements:
- Dual GALILEO/GPS receiver working simultaneously in both systems
Combination of GALILEO and GPS will allow for more accurate positioning of objects. Data gained from the localizer will be sent to the central server via GPRS / 3G communication systems;
- Position Jitter Elimination Algorithm
Detecting and eliminating 99% of jumps for the threshold distance 40m from the actual position and 65% of jumps for the threshold distance 20m;
- Server performing the merger of GALILEO/GPS data coming from monitored objects, and storing this information in a database;
- End user application – software provided to the end customer in the form of web service enabling, among others: monitoring of objects on interactive map, displaying corrected positioning data coming from the algorithm, creating event alerts.
The main innovation of the system is the combination of GALILEO-GPS receiver with Position Jitter Elimination Algorithm.  The algorithm will define the receiver’s positioning quality. It will be able to determine if the receiver is located in difficult conditions environment (waves reflection environment) and in such case, it will start the procedure of positions elimination based on incomplete data collected from the receiver. Algorithm developed within a frame of Hertz DualSat project will be also able to determine if a tracked object is located inside or outside a building. 
The proposed product is dedicated to a wide range of customers. In the context of vehicle positioning, it could be used by individual clients (including owners of luxury cars or agricultural machinery) as well as business customers e.g. transport companies, companies with a fleet of vehicles (traders). The system's precision obtained through the Galileo makes it suitable for use by security-related services, including emergency medical services, police, border guards.
When it comes to functionality related to positioning of people, enriched with the Position Jitter Elimination Algorithm, the system could be used by among others older people, children, couriers and uniformed services.

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