034 - GNSS Interference Monitoring and Detection System (GIMAD).

034 - GNSS Interference Monitoring and Detection System (GIMAD).

Status: Completed

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL2-034

Start date: 06/11/2019

The GIMAD tool is an interference detection portable station designed to efficiently detect and support the location of threats that can endanger satellite-navigation based critical activities.
This system will allow users to monitor permanently the GNSS environment in the geographical areas where these critical activities take place. These activities includes positioning, navigation or timing applications, with demanding high safety and/or integrity requirements, or linked to applications with high economic impact.
Once a threat materializes, the product will promptly inform the users about the nature of the threat, allowing to initiate the necessary remedial actions, first, to mitigate and subsequently, to remove the impact on the GNSS operations. The station collects and store raw and processed data so that post-processing analysis can be performed, if needed, to better understand the nature of the threat.
The product can also be used as a building block for deploying interference detection and location networks of any scale. Such a network of detectors connected would allow also to extend the monitored geographical area and for better locating the source of the threats.

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Country: Spain

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