We are thrilled to announce our biggest winter event: the NAVISP INDUSTRY DAYS!  This is the workshop for the hugely successful ESA-programme NAVISP. It will be taking place on ESTEC in the Netherlands, on the 17 – 18th January 2019.  Save the dates while we prepare the agenda. We encourage you to share this event with everyone interested! 

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On September 19th, at last ESA PB-NAV held at ECSAT in UK, NAVISP Member States at unanimity approved the request by Germany to participate in the NAVISP Programme! Germany subscribed to Element 1 and Element 2 of the Programme. Large companies, research institutes, SME and start-ups of the Germany PNT ecosystem are invited to prepare their offers in response to Element 1 Invitations to…

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Europe's largest space business-to-business event, the Industry Space Days, just took place and NAVISP was, of course, there to participate!  The event was held at ESA's ESTEC technology center in the Netherlands and attracted a record 900 companies.   A link to the video of the NAVISP-presentation can be found here and the slides of the presentation here.  More information…

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NAVISP Programme is pleased to announce that the Programme Manager, Mr. Pierluigi Mancini, has been invited by the Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs to participate in a workshop about NAVISP Programme in collaboration with the European Space Agency.                                                                                                   …

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    June 15th, From the Chair of Galileo in Padova, NAVISP was presented at the  "2nd WORKSHOP ON SPACE ROBUSTNESS & ASSURANCE"  Navigation Cybersecurity & Protection Systems  AGENDA The workshop this year deals with all the matters connected to Satellite Navigation Cybersecurity & protection Systems, with particular emphasis on GNSS applications and System evolutions. It…

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NAVISP at GNSS Day, a side event of the Toulouse Space Show   The programme of the DAY   Toulouse Space Show The Space to be  Attended by more than 3000 worldwide participants including leading stakeholders & decision-makers: entrepreneurs, Space Agency directors, executives of key organizations and political leaders, the TOULOUSE SPACE SHOW is a major global forum…

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  Permanent Call for Proposals for Element 3 is now open on EMITS! See AO9427  Please note that you need a valid ESA-STAR / EMITS user and password in order to view the details.

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Interest in PNT Innovation is steadily increasing!     The addendum to NAVISP Element 1 Workplan 2018 was recently approved at unanimity by the participant States!  It includes the following 4 new activities:  - Earth - Moon Navigation /System Study and Development of a High Sensitive Spaceborne Receiver Prototype  - Precise Relative Positioning in MEO to support Science…

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NAVISP management invited to present one year of results at Galileo Services on April 24th, 2018 in Brussels. 

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The Programme team shared one year of activities of the NAVISP Programme at EUROSPACE Navigation Working Group meeting held in Paris on April 18th. Find here the NAVISP implementation status and way forward to the next ESA Ministerial Council.             Image: Illumination COP21 One heart One tree © E.Livinec

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