084 - GridCell

084 - GridCell

Status: Completed

Activity Code: NAVISP-EL2-084

Start date: 01/02/2021

In GridCell we propose to integrate five key technologies: Accurate Resilient Timing, Smart Power Sensors, AI-based resource scheduling, Smart Network Control and Smart Contracts, to form a highly innovative solution which creates significant new opportunities for grid management within the context of increasing renewables penetration.                                                                                        
GridCell is based around a new paradigm – the Smart Power Cell (SPC – hereinafter referred to as a ‘Cell’). The Cell will combine local load, storage and power generation assets into an integrated smart power element which can operate either fully connected to the grid or, in the case of either full or partial grid failure completely autonomously, maintaining supplies for local consumers.

Prime contractor

Powerline Technologies Ltd


Chronos Technology Ltd

Name: Chronos Technology Ltd

Country: United Kingdom

Website: http://www.chronos.co.uk/index.php/en/

University of Strathclyde

Name: University of Strathclyde

Country: United Kingdom

Website: https://www.pndc.co.uk/

Smart Power Networks Ltd

Name: Smart Power Networks Ltd

Country: United Kingdom

Website: http://smpnetworks.com/


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