An Innovative concept for the Risk Assessment of Geologic Hazard

Start date: 25/04/2024 09:30

End date: 25/04/2024 11:00

Register for Final Presentation of the NAVISP EL1-47 Project: "An Innovative concept for the Risk Assessment of Geologic Hazard"

The NAVISP-EL1-047 project, carried out by DIAN – DIAN S.r.l., together with SAPIENZA – Sapienza University of Rome and the RIGCT – Research Institute of Geodesy, Topography and Cartography, studied the local deviations of the site-displacement vector with respect to predictions from the IERS-model. For this purpose, the time-series of the site-displacement vector, were generated from high-quality GNSS data and analysed, for a relatively large number of sites worldwide distributed (for some of those, gravimeter data was included in the analyses). 

The study quantified long-term local deviations over periods with quiet geological activity, and the short-term local deviations correlation to earthquakes and volcano eruptions (including "warming up" and "cooling off" periods). "

The NAVISP Project EL1-047 was funded by NAVISP Element 1, which is dedicated to technology innovation of the European industry in the wide PNT sector.

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