Telespazio-VEGA UK Ltd (TPZV UK)

Telespazio-VEGA UK Ltd (TPZV UK)

Telespazio VEGA UK (TPZV UK) is an experienced consulting, technology, engineering, space operations and service development business headquartered in Luton, UK. A subsidiary of Telespazio, (67/33% joint venture between Leonardo and Thales), TPZV UK has built its first class reputation developed during over 40 years of working in the space industry by exploiting technology developments in Earth Observation and Satellite Navigation & Communications, pioneering innovative services in space operations and applications. Using the broader capabilities of the Telespazio Group, TPZV UK provides novel solutions to the remotest regions of the globe. Telespazio VEGA UK is trusted to deliver the high value, quality systems and services expected by its customers. It offers solutions and services in three lines of business:

• Geo-information and Satellite Imaging Services – expert use of optical and radar satellite data to benefit a range of market sectors such as Agriculture, Transport, Maritime, Energy & Environment.

• System Development and Mission Support – development and management of the complex infrastructure and processes required to enable delivery of usable information derived from satellites.

• Satellite Communications - an award winning Teleport operator, Telespazio VEGA UK though the wider Telespazio group offers dedicated services for the oil & gas, utilities, maritime, defence and telco sectors, implementing fixed-line, mobile broadband satellite services with over 46,000 deployed VSATs and over 2,000 mobile SIMs.

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